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A Esquina do Desencontro

Histórias de Desencontros Ficcionais (ou Não) na Esquina da Vida

Your 5-Step Resilience Exercise for Accepting Change

30.09.19 | Cuca Margoux

I remember the day I arrived in New York City from Johannesburg, South Africa. It was 8 a.m. I had just disembarked a 16-hour flight. I had two suitcases, a faux fur coat, and a jumpy tummy. This was my new home, my new life, and I knew not a single soul. What I did have, however, was a blueprint of the way things were going to unfold for me here. My plans were naive, highly impractical, and written in ink.

Since that day, I am happy to report that absolutely nothing has turned out the way I thought it would.

And I have to say, I am exceptionally pleased about that.