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A Esquina do Desencontro

Histórias de Desencontros Ficcionais (ou Não) na Esquina da Vida

A Esquina do Desencontro

Histórias de Desencontros Ficcionais (ou Não) na Esquina da Vida

To John Jones (strategy + business online)

John Jones is a vice president in New York. Mr. Jones is a specialist in organization design, process reengineering, and change management.


Dear Sir,

I’ve read your article on the “10 Principles of Change Management” (strategy+business online) and I found it a true compiling picture of the portuguese reality, with a lot of potential application on the social and economic environment.

You see, Portugal is now a “company” with a serious role of problems on change management. If we could just follow and apply your simple and clear principles, perhaps we would be much more focused and hopeful on our own future. The problem is that we are not accomplishing those goals. We are “killing” jobs, education, health, birth rate and the economy.

My question to you is simply “what’s really missing on our change management strategy”? Are there any providential tips on how to survive to this brutal crisis? How can we manage to replace confidence to people and to the markets? How can we balance, with any justice, the social and economic reality? And where does Europe and Euro stand for? What’s their true role in all of this?

I’m also a concerned mother and every day I repeatedly question myself: “what am I going to leave to my children, what are we going to leave to our children as a nation, how can I help and do better”?

Thank you so much for your time and attention.


... (Portugal)

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