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The Three Things All High-Performing Companies Do to Become Fit for Growth

31.01.17 | Cuca Margoux

What sets the world’s best-performing companies apart from their rivals? In our work with many leading companies and as we set out in Fit for Growth, our new book, it comes down to three things:

1. They focus on a few differentiating capabilities — what they do better than any other company.
2. They align their cost structure to these capabilities.
3. They organize for growth.

Companies that follow this Fit for Growth* approach build competitive muscle while cutting the corporate fat that weighs down other companies. They take proactive and strategic cost actions (as opposed to reactive and tactical ones), freeing up funds to reinvest in those parts of the business that are most important for growth. At the same time, they put in place an organisational fabric that guides employees to do the right things day in and day out.

by PWC,