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A Esquina do Desencontro

Histórias de Desencontros Ficcionais (ou Não) na Esquina da Vida

The Power of Almost

23.07.19 | Cuca Margoux

Among the many reasons I love golf is that it is the only activity about which people brag in reverse. You will never hear people say they can’t hit a softball or that they blew a key presentation at work or that their steaks are under-seasoned and overcooked. But we take great pride in being terrible at golf and will describe in detail our own ineptitude.

It’s been 30 years, and I can still hear the stifled laughter behind me after I whiffed on the first tee of a shotgun start at a scramble when I was in high school. Oh, I have hit my fair share of good shots, I suppose, but the story of any person’s golfing life is a story of failure punctuated by the occasional good shot that keeps us coming back.