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A Esquina do Desencontro

Histórias de Desencontros Ficcionais (ou Não) na Esquina da Vida

Safety First: Project Aims to Make AI-Based Autonomous Systems More Reliable and Secure

30.06.21 | Cuca Margoux

Using a $7.5 million, five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, a multi-university team that includes Johns Hopkins engineers is tackling one of today's most complex and important technological challenges: How to ensure the safety of autonomous systems, from self-driving cars and aerial delivery drones to robotic surgical assistants.

René Vidal, professor of biomedical engineering and the inaugural director of the Mathematical Institute for Data Science, and Noah J. Cowan, professor of mechanical engineering and director of the LIMBS Laboratory, are partnering with researchers at Northeastern University, University of Michigan, and the University of California, Berkeley, on the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative, or MURI project, called "Control and Learning Enabled Verifiable Robust AI," or CLEVR-AI.

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