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A Esquina do Desencontro

Histórias de Desencontros Ficcionais (ou Não) na Esquina da Vida

Estado de Alma

31.08.17 | Cuca Margoux

Descia a rua inclinada,

Assobiando desastradamente,

As montras passavam ao lado,

As portas batiam levemente.


Sentia a frieza,

Sentia a beleza,

Sentia a dor,

Sentia o calor.


Olhava o céu presente,

Acenava aos populares,

Escutava as vidas alheias,

Sonhava com novos olhares.


Sabia que seria feliz,

Ali, bem perto do bairro natal,

Mulher e filhos no horizonte,

Casa lar abençoada com um protector astral.


Escrever um livro,

Plantar uma árvore,

Atingira devotos sentidos,

Sobranceira inspiração, saberes unidos.


Alegria no sorriso,

Cor na alma,

Afecto e amor no coração,

O assobio refinado, mais uma volta, pois então.


O mundo pertencia-lhe,

Qual mago salvador,

A feitiçaria encantava,

A magia limpava a dor.


Deixou-se levar,

Embalado pela profecia,

Embalado pelo encantamento da alma,

Embalado pelo sentir, pelo estar, pela chama que, outrora, aquecia.

WhiteWall Introduces Direct Print On Wood

31.08.17 | Cuca Margoux

Photographers have no shortage of unique options to offer clients or to present their own work, and WhiteWall continues to add to the mix, with its new Direct Print On Wood product. Made from a single piece of birch, the grain of the wood actually becomes part of the final print.

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Ditch Your Comfort Zone

31.08.17 | Cuca Margoux

We never regret travel. Clothing and expensive dinners come and go, but the memories and insights gained on a trip remain with a traveler forever. This can be especially true when you go outside your comfort zone and gather new experiences.

Staying at a resort for seven days straight may sound good, but stretching a little can yield huge rewards. “We try to go off the beaten path and find places that allow people to talk with local people and see things they wouldn’t usually see,” says Mary Dell Lucas, president of Far Horizons travel in San Anselmo, California. For 35 years, her company has led historical and archaeological tours throughout the world, headed by prominent scholars.


10 Best-Attitudes of Successful Networking

31.08.17 | Cuca Margoux

Be Approachable. Practice smiling.  A smile can invite others to smile back and opens the door to a bouquet of new information and relationships.  Keep  breath mints, not chewing gum, in your pocket in case you had onions for lunch.  Be positive and keep the conversation light. 

Be Attractive.  When unsure of what to wear, it’s always better to step- up your outfit rather than down.  Men:  keep a tie in your car and a neutral sport coat in case the meeting is traditional business.  Ladies: – also keep a jacket and some modest jewelry in the car to upgrade a business casual outfit to slightly dressy.  Less is more!  Leave the heavy perfume or after -shave in the glove compartment; this is a sure way to alienate others.  No wrinkles allowed and shine welcomed on all shoes.


O Smart Elétrico do Futuro vai ter Consigo para o Levar a Casa

31.08.17 | Cuca Margoux

Totalmente autónomo, o smart vision EQ Concept fortwo revela a forma como a marca alemã encara o futuro da mobilidade urbana. A sua estreia irá decorrer no Salão de Frankfurt, em meados de setembro, coincidindo igualmente com a primeira utilização da designação EQ pela smart, depois de a Mercedes-Benz já o ter feito.

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How to Successfully Work Across Countries, Languages, and Cultures

31.08.17 | Cuca Margoux

According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute report, the number of people in the global labor force will reach 3.5 billion by 2030 — and yet there will still be a shortage of skilled workers. The result is likely to be intensified global competition for talent. Rather than assuming we’ll work in one location, in our native culture, we will need new skills, attitudes, and behaviors that help us work across cultures. Our ways of thinking about careers, colleagues, and collaboration will need to become more flexible and adaptable. My five-year study of the global workforce at Rakuten, the Japan-based e-commerce powerhouse, gave me a close-up look at what will drive success for this new type of global worker.


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